An Alternative to Constant Criticism

Happy Monday!  In celebration of a new week I’m sharing one of my all time favorite talks on the subject of criticism and positivity.

This is a speech given by Gordon B Hinckley at BYU in 1974, but it could have been given yesterday for how it so perfectly applies to our current cultural climate.

This isn’t directed at parents or child care providers, so I hope you’ll forgive me for that departure from the norm, but this speech has been so impactful for me I listen to it at least once every few months.  And it goes right along with the topic I was discussing last week in my post Combating the Critics.

*Disclaimer – There are some religious references, however the message of the speech when taken in whole is applicable to anyone, no matter what your beliefs are.  It is absolutely worth your time to take 25 minutes and listen to it.  If you prefer to read it or just listen from the website here’s the link directly:

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

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